Piano and music theory lessons

Piano and music theory lessons

I am offering classical piano lessons, but also music theory lessons (classical music and jazz&pop), for all ages and skill levels, in the vicinity of Bosch en Duin, Den Dolder, Huis ter Heide and Bilthoven (and generally speaking in the vicinity of the cities of Amersfoort and Utrecht). These lessons I am offering in a variety of languages: English, Dutch, German and Russian.

About me

My name is Martin Kaptein. Currently, I am 4rd year piano (classical music) student at the ArtEz conservatory in the city of Zwolle. I have a lot of practical experience in teaching but also in giving concerts as an active soloist and ensemble player. Besides that, I have very extensive knowledge of music theory.


Due to my extensive language knowledge I am able to fully offer all my lessons in the following languages: English, Dutch, German and Russian. This applies to my piano lessons as well to the music theory lessons.

Piano lessons

I approach my pianolessons, which, by the way, can be individual piano lessons, as well as groups lessons, from the angle of classical music (personally, I have been taught by the famous Russian piano school). If desired, I am happy to combine these practical lessons with music theory, which can be very beneficial to the student.


I am very flexible, when it comes to the skill level of my student: My lessons are suitable for beginners, that are music enthusiasts, who have never touched a piano, or beginner students with serious ambitions.

Thus, if a student wishes to attend a conservatory, we will work to make that a reality. My lessons are also suitable for advanced students, and professional musicians.

My philosophy 

I have been taught with the Russian piano school. My philosophy is to bring some elements of it to the Netherlands: The most important element is the individual approach for each student.

The individuality of each performer is the hallmark of the Russian piano school. These elements include the attention to the right playing techniques (such as position of the hand, fingers and generally motorics) which is really important to be taught correctly.

However, this will be accomplished less by playing technical exercises such as scales and arpeggio’s but focusing on actual music.

This will lead to the student developing a good technique while also combining it with an artistic sense. The music comes first, everything else is a result of it.

The emotional colors and dynamic values of the sound have to persistently be watched when practicing and playing the piano, because just these elements determine the whole future technical progress of the piano students.

piano lessons with Martin Kaptein 2

Music theory

Besides pianolessons I am also offering music theory lessons. These lesson include:


My music theory lessons are also suitable for all ages, ranging from beginners to conservatory students. I also offer preparation for entrance into a conservatory (keeping in mind the required curriculum).

Both, individual as well as group lessons are possible for music theory. 


My goal is to spark interest for music theory in my student. Music theory might seem like a very dull subject, so my mission is to change that. There are countless examples and arguments, why music theory is beneficial to a student, especially when combined with playing on an instrument. In my lessons, it is fun too!


All the lessons (piano and music theory) take place at my home (at a fantastic grand piano) in Bosch en Duin (contact me for the exact address). It is also possible to arrange lessons at a different, desired location (obviously this will add travel costs).


This are the standart prices, per lesson:

At my place:    
Piano lessons 60 minutes 22 EUR
Music Theory  45 minutes 22 EUR
At your place:    
Piano lesson 60 minutes 32 EUR
Music Theory 45 minutes 32 EUR

Of course, the first lesson I will gladly offer for free.


Contact me via email at martin@martinkaptein.com, or contact me for my phone number.