Martin Kaptein at the piano


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Martin Kaptein

Martin Kaptein is a musician, tech enthusiast and philosopher. And above that, a polyglot.


Martin Kaptein is a very passionate musician and pianist. Currently, Martin is studying classical music in the Netherlands and regularly gives concerts on demand and plays in ensembles.

Martin has a deep interest in different kinds of music and doesn't exclude the possibility of composing music at some point in the future.

Contact Martin for information about his current repertoire and other requests. Also, feel free to take a look at the YouTube channel to hear Martin playing.

Furthermore, Martin is a technology enthusiast and a software programmer. Martin builds stuff in his free time, some of which can be found on his Github profile.

In his free time, Martin writes articles on a variety of different topics, which you can find on this site.


Martin Kaptein portrait


2007 until 2015 - Missionsgymnasium St. Antonius Bardel, Germany

In 2015, Martin Kaptein finished the general qualification for university entrance (=Abitur) in Germany (Gymnasium). Thus, he has an advanced school-leaving certificate with splendid marks.


2015 until present - ArtEz conservatory, Zwolle, The Netherlands

Currently, for the bachelor studies, Martin Kaptein is studying classical music for the subject of classical piano at the ArtEz conservatory in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Natural Languages

Martin Kaptein speaks English, Dutch, German and Russian fluently. Furthermore, he is quite familiar with French (and has a DELF certificate).

Music experience

Martin Kaptein has a lot of experience in playing solo concerts, with wide varieties of repertoire. Also, Martin enjoys playing in ensembles very much. Furthermore, Martin participates frequently in competitions, masterclasses and festivals in different countries, for example:

  • 2013 International Music Festival of the Isle of Rhodes, Greece (1st price)
  • 2014 Martin Kaptein was finalist (prix promotion) in Flame Piano Competition in Paris, France
  • 2014 International Music Academy in Cremona, Italy (2nd price )
  • 2015 Martin Kaptein won the first price in the St. Cecilia International Pianocompetition in Porto, Portugal
  • 2015 and 2016 International Piano Festival in Duzsniky, Poland
  • 2016 first price Vught klassiek competition in the Netherlands
  • 2017 first price Ulvenhart klassiek competition in the Netherlands
  • 2017 first price International Music festival in Loutraki, Greece
  • 2017 VriendenCultuurPrijs2017 KoBrapublieksprijs - price of the public (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

IT experience

As a hobby, Martin Kaptein has experience with a wide variety of different technologies, especially Javascript and Python. Also, Martin has extended knowledge of Wordpress and Static Site Generators (such as jekyll or hugo).

Besides that, Martin Kaptein is familiar with:

  • Creating and designing websites
  • PHP & MySQL
  • HTML5
  • GIT vcs, Travis CI, Netlify
  • Bash
  • more UNIX stuff

Furhermore, Martin Kaptein has a very profound interest for Artificial Inteligence.

Other interests

In his free time Martin Kaptein is a philosopher, reads a lot and likes to take pictures. For latter, it is suggested to head to his Instagram @martinkaptein.